Congratulations Firefighter Nick Wilcox

Thursday, August 29, 2013  We would like to take the time to congratulate Firefighter Nick Wilcox  for his outstanding actions at the scene of  a recent working house fire. We hold Nick close to our hearts due to the fact that Nick is a Glen Rock native. Nick began his fire service career with us here at the Glen Rock Hose & Ladder Company before leaving to attend college and joining the Progress Fire Company. We are extremely proud of the courage that Nick displayed. Be sure to read the article at the bottom of the full page to see the full story!!

Nick Wilcox you have made all of us in the service proud !!!



Water Rescue in North Codorus TWP

Thursday, August 8, 2013 5:06 hours York County 911 alerted "Box 62-3" for a "Water Rescue" on Maple Road near Seven Valleys Road in North Codorus Township. The assignment alerted Companies 62, Rescue/Boat 59, Boat 18, Ambulance 62, Service 47 and the Counties ATR Team to respond. Rescue (OIC A/C Naylor), Service/Boat 59 (OIC FF K. Miller) and Chief 59-1 (McCullough) responded with a total of 6 personnel. Captain 62 (Crouse) was first to arrive and reported a single vehicle out in water above the head lights with 2 patients inside. The units from 59 arrived and entered the water on foot. Once they arrived at the vehicle it was determined they had 2 patients and a dog, with 1 patient being on crutches. Members placed both patients into life vests and one at a time removed them from the water. The dog was also removed and all seemed unharmed but they were turned over to EMS for an evaluation.



Tanker Runs 3 Alarm Barn Fire

Monday, August 5, 2013 14:51 hour York County 911 alerted Company 59 for "Tanker 59" to respond to assist on a 3 Alarm Barn Fire "Box 31-6"  in Newberry Township in the 3100 block of Lewisberry Road. Tanker 59 (OIC FF/EMT J. McCullough) responded with a total of 2 personnel.



Double Pull into Springfield TWP

Saturday, August 3, 2013 10:54 hour York County 911 alerted Company 59 for "Tanker 59" to assist on a trailer fire involving hay bales on Seaks Run Road at I - 83 "Box 63-26" in Springfield Township. Only minutes later York County 911 alerted "Rescue 59" to respond to complete the assignment. Within minutes Tanker 59 (OIC A. Dell) and Rescue 59 (OIC A/C Naylor) responded with a total of 6 personnel. Once on seen the Rescue Co. went to work assisting crews from 61 & 63 with unrolling and ripping apart the hay bales. Members operated at the scene for about an hour.



Double Pull to Lower Windsor TWP

Thursday, August 1, 2013 09:45 hour York County 911 alerted "Engine & Tanker 59" to assist with a large fire in Lower Windsor Township.  The fire was located at 111 Walnut Court at the Township maintenance building. First alarm units reported smoke showing from miles away and arrived to find the building well involved. Due to lack of hydrants in the area a large number of Tankers were needed to keep up with the water needs. In addition, a large number of units had to be requested for manpower  to keep up with the labor needs and to battle the heat. Engine (OIC A/C Naylor) & Tanker 59 (OIC FF Day) responded with a total of 7 personnel. Upon arriving at the scene the Engine Co. reported to "Manpower Staging" and the Tanker fell into the Water Shuttle. The Engine Co. were assigned to do some work in the area of the day care and office area. Members operated at the scene for about 4 hours before being released.



Double Pull on Commercial Building Fire

Sunday, July 21, 2013 22:15 Hour York County 911 sounded  for "Box 61-5" in Shrewsbury Boro at  Old Farm Lane & South Main Street for a "Structure Fire High Risk". Companies 61, 58, 59, Baltimore County 45, Truck 19, Truck 54, Ambulance 59 & Ambulance 54 were due to respond on the first alarm. Engine 59-1 (OIC A/C Naylor), Chief 59 (Anstine) and Chief 59-1 (McCullough) responded with a total of 7 personnel. Engine 61-1 went en route and was advised "PD was on scene with smoke and fire showing from the roof area". Engine 61-1 was first to arrive and reported a single story commercial building with smoke in the area and Chief 61-2 (Byerly) established Command. Engine 61-1 laid out about 400' of 5'' from the hydrant in front of Rutter's and had Engine 58-1 cover the hydrant. Engine 58-2 arrived and went to the "Charlie" side crews from 61 & 58 found a small working fire on the "Charlie" side and quickly extinguished it. Rescue 59 (OIC Capt McCullough) was added to complete the assignment and responded with 6 personnel. Engine & Rescue 59 arrived and reported to manpower staging. Members from both units were used to check the remaining businesses for extension and none was found. The Box was scaled back to Engine 61-1 only with the remaining units going available. No injuries to fire service personnel or civilians were reported. The cause of the fire is still under investigation at this time.



Crash in Shrewsbury Township

Monday, July 15, 2013 07:40 hours York County 911 dispatched "Box 59-4" for a "Motor Vehicle Crash" at Pleasant Valley Road and Baltimore Street in Shrewsbury Township. The Box called for Company 59 and Ambulance 59 to respond. Chief 59-2 (Naylor) was the first to mark responding and was advised by York that the caller reports "a single vehicle struck a bridge is blocking and leaking". Rescue 59 (OIC Lt Heffner) & Engine 59 (OIC FF/EMT McCullough) responded shortly after. Rescue 59 was the first to arrive and confirmed the dispatched information and Lieutenant 59-2 (Heffner) established the Command. Chief 59-2 and the Engine arrived moments later. Chief 59-2 did a quick survey of the scene and took Command (due to Lt Heffner being involved in patient care) and found that there was 2 Class III patients and a 2nd BLS unit was requested bringing MICU 58 to the scene. Members from both the Engine Co. and the Rescue Co. were performing assessments and patient care . Ambulance 59 arrived and members continued to assist them with the patients. Both EMS units transported 1 Class III patient each to York Hospital.

View on arrival

View on arrival


Morning Crash in Codorus Township

Friday, July 12, 2013 06:26 York County 911 dispatched Company 59 & Ambulance 59 for a "Motor Vehicle Crash" near Pierceville Road and Sticks Road in Codorus Township "Box 59-14". Chief 59-2 (Naylor) was first to respond followed by Rescue (OIC FF Boyd) & Engine 59 (OIC Capt  McCullough) with a total of 5 personnel. Chief 59-2 arrived to find a single vehicle into a utility pole and established Command. After a quick check of the scene it was determined that there was a single Class III patient. Members from the Rescue & Engine began medical treatment on the patient . The decision was made to use the hydraulic rescue tools to remove the passengers side door for easier patient removal.  Once the patient was immobilized and free of the vehicle members assisted EMS with loading the patient into the Ambulance. Ambulance 59 transported the patient Class III to York Hospital. Members remained on scene to assist with traffic.

Ambulance 59

Ambulance 59


Tanker Runs 2 Alarm House Fire In York Township

Sunday, June 23, 2013 18:41 Tanker 59 along with 4 other Tankers were requested by Command on a 2 Alarm House Fire in the 3000 block of Iron Stone Hill Road in York Township Box 18-201.  Tanker 59 (OIC A/C Naylor) responded immediately with 2 personnel. Upon arriving at the scene Tanker 59 hauled 3 loads of water totaling 12,000 gallons. In addition, the station was dispatched to provide a Engine transfer to York Township Station 19. The station provided 5 members to staff an Engine for Station 19.

The House

The House

Dump site with Tanker 59

Dump site with Tanker 59


Triple Pull on a 58 Box

Friday, June 21, 2013 15:34 York County 911 struck out "Box 58-11" for a "Residential Structure Fire ... Kitchen Fire" in the 5900 block of Steltz Road in Codorus Township. Dispatched on the Box were Companies 58, 7, 59, 61, Ambulance 58 & MICU 7. Engine 58-1 & Engine 59 (OIC A/C Naylor) both responded immediately quickly followed by Tanker 59 (OIC FF/EMT Stiffler), Brush 59 (OIC Capt Cook) & Chief 59 (Anstine). While responding Chief 58 (McGiIlin) reported having a smoke column in the area and requested 2 additional Tankers.

Engine 58-1 was the first unit to arrive and reported a 1.5 story single family dwelling with heavy fire through out and Chief 58 established the Command.  The crew from Engine 58-1 advanced a 1"3/4 hand line into the first floor and began an aggressive interior attack. Engine 59 was second arriving and was assigned to pull a 2" back up line and advance it to the second floor, as well as, to conduct a Primary Search. Engine 59's members broke up into 2 teams, one took the back up line  and one preformed the search. Crews made a quick knock on the bulk of the fire and the search proved to be negative.

Members assisted with the large amount of overhaul that had to be preformed and spent nearly 4 hours operating on the scene of the call. There was no reported injuries to either civilian or fire department personnel. The cause of the fire is unknown at this time but is believed to have started in the kitchen area of the home.

Side "Alpha"

Side "Alpha"

Side "A/D" corner garage ws located there

Side "A/D" corner garage ws located


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