Triple Pull for Working Fire in 7's First Due

Sunday, April 6, 2014 15:48 hour York County 911 struck out "Box 7-28" for a report of a "Residential Structure Fire...Fire from the roof" in the 5000 block of Glen Echo Road in Codorus Township. The assignment called for Companies 7 (Lineboro), 47 (Jefferson), 59 (Glen Rock), 62 (Seven Valleys), Truck 58 (New Freedom) and MICU 7 to respond. Engine 59 (OIC A/C Naylor), Tanker 59 (OIC FF A.Dell) & Bush 59 (OIC FF Miller) responded with a total of 10 personnel. Fire Police 7-2 was first to arrive and reported having flames 20 to 30 feet in the air from the roof.  Engine 59, as they approached the scene, requested a Tanker Task Force. Engine 59 was the unit to arrive and reported a 1.5 story single family dwelling with heavy fire showing from the roof, establishing the initial Command reporting crews are going offensive. Members stretched 2 hand lines, one went to the interior and one knocked the fire down on the roof then went in to back up the interior crew. Members quickly knocked down the bulk of the fire. Crews from 7, 47 & 58 assisted in opening up the first floor and extinguishing hot spots. Members operated at the scene for about 1.5 hours.



Annual Company Banquet

Saturday, March 15, 2014  This evening the Men & Women of the Glen Rock Hose & Ladder Company held their Annual Awards Banquet. The members and invited guest enjoyed a great meal provided by Olde Town Catering of Mt Airy Maryland. The second stage of the evening was the awards presentations. This years awards included Life Member presentations, the Top Ten Responders and The Top Ten Training.

The Life Member Awards went to Duane Waltemire & Terri Stiffler (the first female recipient). In addition, retired Senator Mike Waugh was honored with a Life Membership for his endless service to York County as well as our area.  

The Top Ten Awards went to:

Assistant Chief Mike Naylor - 432

Chauffeur John Trout - 204

Captain Lee Cook - 195

Chief Gene Anstine - 192

Assistant Chief Ron McCullough - 179

Lieutenant Josh McCullough - 157

FF/EMT Dan Naylor - 145

President Jeff Dell - 144

Assistant Engineer Brandon Webster - 141

Lieutenant Tyler Dell - 140

out of 463 calls for the year

Top Ten Training Awards went to:

Assistant Engineer Brandon Webster - 179.5

Lieutenant Josh McCullough - 175

Lieutenant Tyler Dell - 112

Training Officer Scotty Bowman - 37

QRS Lieutenant Cody Stiffler - 36

Assistant Chief Ron McCullough - 31.5

FF/PM Carrie Naylor - 30

FF/EMT Zach Boyd - 30

Captain Chad McCullough - 28

Assistant Chief Mike Naylor - 25.5


2013 Banquet Video


Two Fires Within Hours in 7's First Due

Sunday, February 16, 2014  As members worked at the departments monthly breakfast York County 911 struck out the first of two fires in  Company's 7 (Lineboro) first due. The first call was in the 3900 block of Sticks Road in Box 7-23 for a car into the structure with fire. MICU 7 arrived to report a working fire. Engine 72 arrived and Chief 7 (Utz) requested a 2nd Alarm and a Tanker Task Force. Engine 59 (OIC Lt McCullough) & Tanker 59 (OIC FF Dell) responded  with a total of 3 personnel. Tanker 59 arrived and supplied Engine 72 with water while Engine 59 arrived and their crew pulled a 2nd attack line. Crews were able to make a good knock on the fire. Brush 59 (OIC A/C McCullough) was requested by Command and set up a fill site at Station 7's dry hydrant.  Members operated at the scene for about 3 hours before being placed available.

At 17:18 hours York County 911 alerted Station 59 for the Tanker and Brush to assist on a working garage fire with Tanker Task Force in the 3800 block Copenhaver Road in Box 7-25. Tanker 59 (OIC QRS Lt Stffier), Brush 59 (OIC Chief Anstine), & Service 59 (OIC Capt McCullough) responded with a total of 8 personnel. Tanker 59 participated in the tanker shuttle while Brush 59 established a water supply site at St. Johns Road and Dry Bridge Road out of a stream. Service 59 assisted the Brush with the water supply site. Members operated at the scene  scene for about 3 hours before being placed available.

Box 7-23 Vehicle into the Structure

Box 7-23 Vehicle into the Structure

Box 7-23

Box 7-23


Clear your Fire Hydrant

Friday, February 14, 2014  Now that the snow is no longer falling for this round of winter weather, there in no better time then now to shovel out your fire hydrant. If your property has a fire hydrant on it or there is one near your property it is your responsibility to clear the snow out from around the hydrant 3 feet in all directions. This ensures that if the fire department needs to use this hydrant for an emergency they can easily and safely operate around the hydrant in a timely fashion. If the hydrant is not cleared valuable time is wasted while the Firefighter clears the snow so they can use the hydrant. Members spent a good part of the afternoon going around the Borough clearing hydrants. Thank you to all the residents that did clear their hydrant. Please remember you may need to clear the hydrant more then once to keep the area clear.

Remember, the time you take to clear your hydrant could save your life or the life a a friend or family member.


A/C Naylor & Training Officer Bowman

A/C Naylor & Training Officer Bowman


Working Fire in Codorus Township

Saturday, February 8, 2014 07:45 hour York County sounded "Box 7-27" for a "Barn Fire" in the 4600 block of Myers Road in Codorus Township. The initial alert was for Companies 7, 59, 47, 58, Tanker 59, Tanker 47, Truck 58 & MICU 7. MICU 7 was the first to respond and reported "heavy smoke in the area from a mile out". Engine 59 (OIC FF Webster) , Tanker 59 (OIC A/C Naylor) & Service 59 (OIC FF D.Naylor) responded with a total of 10 personnel. MICU 7 arrived and reported a "working fire". Engine 59 was the first arriving Engine members stretched 2 hand line and began to make an interior attack. Tanker 59 & Engine 72 were next to arrive the crew from Engine 72 assisted members from 59 with the fire attack. Chief 59-2 (Naylor) established the" Myers Road Command" and reported a "60 X 40 barn well involved" and requested a "Tanker Task Force" and special called Engine 47-2 to respond to set up a draft in the 11000 block of Rockville Road at the dry hydrant.

Crews set up a fold-a-tank at the intersection of Myers Road and Jefferson Road. Engine 58-1 laid 600' of 5" supply line up the scene. The decision was made to change to a defensive attack and crews stretched a Blitz Fire line. Captain 58 (Shearer) was assigned to "Fire Attack" and Chief 52 was assigned to "Water Supply". Crews were able to bring the fire under control in about 30 minutes. Command requested 2 additional Engines for manpower and a loader from Codorus Township. After about an 1 and a half the incident was scaled back to the units from 59, 7 and 47. Members operated at the scene for about three and a half hours before the Box was placed available. No injuries were reported to civilian or fire service personnel. MICU 7 transported  one adult patient to Hanover Hospital for a unrelated medical emergency. The cause of the fire was determined to be electrical in nature.

View approaching the scene

View approaching the scene


Ice Storm Makes For Busy Day

Wednesday, February 5, 2014  On Wednesday February 5, 2014 an ice storm impacted the area covering the York County section of the State with about an 1' of ice. As expected the ice caused wide spread power outage and fallen trees. The members of the Glen Rock Hose & Ladder Company started their day at 04:31 hours on Wednesday morning and didn't stop till 23:00 hours Wednesday night. In that time period members handled nearly 25 calls for assistance. Members quickly learned that many roads leading out of Glen Rock were blocked by fallen trees and roads were in passable.  Members spent most of the day, in between runs, cutting up fallen trees to ensure they could access as many areas as possible for calls.

The reminisce of the storm lingered for days. Members continued to respond to calls for wires down and/or on fire, trees down, and several medical calls that turned to be CO poisoning. By Saturday evening most of the area had power returned with the exception of some outlaying areas in the Townships.  Just remember when using a portable generator read and follow all the safety instruction. Be sure to place the unit as far away from the house as possible. Never, under any circumstance, allow the unit to be used inside the structure. If you are operating a generator and begin to experience headaches, dizziness, nausea, chest pains or confusion call 911 immediately. When driving please be mindful and obey all road closure signs and/or barricades. These may consist of traffic cones, flares, signs or vehicles. The road is closed for the safety of all motorist, so disobeying this closures could result in serious injury or death. Disobeying the road closure traffic safety device is not only dangerous but it also illegal and could result in a fine.

Members give O2 to pet after a CO emergency

Members give O2 to pet after a CO


Generator Safety

Tuesday, February 4, 2014  In recent days we have ran several medical calls as a result of people using portable generators that were not ventilated properly. Please keep the following information in mind. When using a portable generator please be mindful that it is properly ventilated. Be sure to position the generator as far away from the house as possible. Never place a generator inside your house or garage when it running. If you have a generator running at your house and experience any of the following symptoms; headache, drowsiness, chest pains, dizziness or confusion you should call 911 immediately. Should you have any questions regarding the operation of your generator please refer to the operation manual or contact the manufacturer.



Ice Rescue Training

Lt Tyler Dell, A/C Mike Naylor, Engineer Harold Surratt, Training Officer Scotty Bowman, FF Keith Miller

Lt Tyler Dell, A/C Mike Naylor, Engineer
      Harold Surratt, Training Officer Scotty
      Bowman, FF Keith Miller

Monday, January 27, 2014  The department had several members attend a Ice Rescue Class taught by the Fish & Game Commission at Jacobus Fire Company. The class consisted of two classroom sessions, one pool session, and the final day was spent on Lake Redman preforming the practical skills. The class consisted of members from Jacobus, Glen Rock, Red Lion, and Pleasant Hill. Participants learned the different types of ice, several types of self rescue techniques, and multiple ways to rescue patients. Despite the cold temperatures every seemed to have a good time.



Rescue Runs Fire in Seven Valleys Boro

Sunday, January 26, 2014 18:36 hour Rescue 59 was alerted to complete the assignment for Box 62-1 for a reported Chimney Fire in the 100 block of Main Street in Seven Valleys Boro. While responding Engine 62 went on scene with a working basement fire in a single story rancher. The crew from Engine 62 advanced a hand line to the rear of the house and made entry to the basement and quickly knocked the fire containing it to the basement area of the home. Rescue 59 arrived and was assigned to check the first floor for fire extension. Once completed members went to the basement and assisted crews from 63 & 8 with opening up the ceilings and walls to confirm no fire spread. Members operated on the scene for about an hour before being released by Command.



Cold Weather Shelter

Thursday, January 23, 2014  The Glen Rock EMA has opened the Glen Rock Hose & Ladder's station up an "Emergency Cold Weather Shelter" effective immediately. The shelter will stay active till the extreme cold weather breaks. Anyone needing the shelter call the station at 717-235-2654 if no answer call Jon at 717-793-1297 or for after hours call Dan at 717-891-5026 or Mike at 410-984-5551. As always if it is an emergency call 911.



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